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GE Leasing offers customized solutions for the use of vehicles, machinery and industrial equipment throughout Ghana


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Centro de negocios TECNOPARQ
Ronda Narciso Monturiol y Estarriol, número 7 y 9
Parque Tecnológico de Paterna - 46980 Paterna - Valencia 

Tel: 00 34 96 331 98 17

Tel: 00 34 620 45 37 91
Tel: 00 240 222 67 37 33


Guinea ecuatorial


C/ Entrada de Bovano (frente Rte: Nsimalen)
Bata, Guinea Ecuatorial
Tel: 00 240 555 78 20 50
C/ Acacio Mañe, 17
Malabo, Guinea Ecuatorial
Tel: 00 240 222 78 20 50





92 Avenue de l'Independence,
Centre ville, BRAZZAVILLE CONGO BP 1607
Tel: 00 242 06 612 01 87
Tel: 00 242 05 600 33 33




Tel: 00 233 (0) 548 03 54 28


Motor vehicles

A wide range of executive vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles, inexpensive vehicles and motorbikes. We only offer first class makes. Manufacturer’s guarantee.

Coaches/ Lorries

General Leasing offers a wide variety of lorries, vans and coaches.
Companies can trust in the financial return and the service of our fleet, and use the capital in their own businesses

Machinery / Equipment

Short, medium and long term hire of all the equipment you could possibly need: excavators, dumper trucks, bulldozers, cranes, trailers, ambulances, tankers, tow trucks, fire trucks, generators.

Land, sea and air specials

GE leasing supplies specialist vehicles, vessels and aircraft to public bodies and private companies.
Helicopters, planes, patrol ships, boats, rescue launches.

Our wide range of vehicles, vans, motorbikes, lorries, machinery, generators, boats, patrol vehicles, planes and helicopters makes General Leasing the ideal provider to cover all your rental and leasing needs in Ghana, Africa.
Companies can depend on the financial return and service of our fleet and use their capital in their own businesses.
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