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Rental.The solution for professionals, the self-employed and companies to deal with a specific need, without having to invest in the purchase or leasing of a vehicle.
Rental is a way of hiring without the option to purchase at the end of the contract. This option allows you to enjoy the use of the vehicle during the contractual period through the payment of affordable fees, with all the costs normally covered, such as maintenance, repair, local taxes, registration, compulsory vehicle inspections etc.

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Top makes of vehicles.

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Characteristics & Advantages

Type of client: individuals, companies, the self-employed
Deposit: There is a deposit which is returnable at the end of the contract, once the proper state of the vehicle has been verified.
Instalments: Instalments are prepayable, the first payment being when the vehicle is handed over.
Rental period: Up to 12 months for new vehicles
Mileage: A mileage limit will be established for the agreed period. If the vehicle exceeds this limit, there will be an excess to pay, previously agreed in the contract.
The rental payments may be tax deductible.
Freedom to decide in a given moment which vehicle you need and for how long, without the costs of fixed assets.






Motor vehicles

A wide range of executive vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles, inexpensive vehicles and motorbikes. We only offer first class makes. Manufacturer’s guarantee.

Coaches/ Lorries

General Leasing offers a wide variety of lorries, vans and coaches.
Companies can trust in the financial return and the service of our fleet, and use the capital in their own businesses

Machinery / Equipment

Short, medium and long term hire of all the equipment you could possibly need: excavators, dumper trucks, bulldozers, cranes, trailers, ambulances, tankers, tow trucks, fire trucks, generators.

Land, sea and air specials

GE leasing supplies specialist vehicles, vessels and aircraft to public bodies and private companies.
Helicopters, planes, patrol ships, boats, rescue launches.

Our wide range of vehicles, vans, motorbikes, lorries, machinery, generators, boats, patrol vehicles, planes and helicopters makes General Leasing the ideal provider to cover all your rental and leasing needs in Ghana, Africa.
Companies can depend on the financial return and service of our fleet and use their capital in their own businesses.
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